Free NSHI Membership

NSHI (National Society of Home Inspectors)NSHI is the National Society of Home Inspectors, a non-profit association of home inspection professionals dedicated to bringing balance and trust to the home inspection industry.  A home inspector association is an organization that maintains a list of members and makes sure that all the members meet certain requirements.  

Upon completion of the home inspection course, you will receive a free 1-year membership to the National Society of Home Inspectors (NSHI).  NSHI offers members a free website service, find an inspector service, and they can verify your credentials to your clients, realtors, banks, mortgage companies, etc.  After the first year membership, you will have a chance to renew your membership with NSHI which requires you to pay an annual fee (currently $149/year) and meet any of the continuing education requirements of NSHI.  (Currently NSHI offers all members continuing education for free as a benefit of NSHI membership)

For more information about the National Society of Home Inspectors, you can visit their website.