Home Inspection Forms CD-ROM

Forms CD - Home Inspection FormsThe Professional Home Inspection Institute includes a free Home Inspection Forms CD-ROM with the certification course package.  The forms are provided to you in electronic format (on cd-rom) so you can download them to your computer and use them as many times as you need.   The forms can be filled out on your computer using Microsoft Word or similar word processor or you can print the forms out and fill them out on paper during an inspection.

The Forms CD Includes:
  • Home Inspection Checklist
  • Home Inspection Report Form
  • Pre-Inspection Agreement Document

The inspection checklist is a condensed version of the report form that you can use to take notes during an inspection and record all the necessary information for writing up your report.  The checklist can be modified to fit your inspection style or use it as is.  A good checklist can be a real time saver when it comes to writing up a report offsite.

The home inspection report form is a professional narrative style report template with options for conditions, component types, locations, etc.  Each section of the report gives a comment box to record your observations during the inspection as well as all the component information needed according to the national standards for home inspection.

The pre-inspection agreement is a document template that outlines what items are included in a home inspection, what systems/components are outside the scope of home inspection, and other factors that may vary depending on each inspection.  This document limits your liability.  It is necessary for an inspector to have a client sign off on a pre-inspection agreement before each and every inspection.