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In order to become a home inspector in Canada, there are very specific rules, regulations and training requirements. This is to be expected - a home is the most important financial decision most people will ever make. 

Everyone involved in the complicated process of buying a home - whether the buyer, seller, the financial institution writing the loan, or anyone else connected to the process - has a right to receive accurate, timely, comprehensive, and intelligible information about the condition of the property in question.

As a home inspector, it is (or will be) your job to quickly, accurately and thoroughly examine a property to pinpoint flaws, ascertain weaknesses, and advise courses of action. This is an important job and requires dedication, knowledge and wisdom on your part.

Canada's home inspection schools and the students they train have a unique obligation to the people they serve. They are the front line of defense for potential homeowners and their task isn't to be taken lightly. For this reason, the requirements to become a licensed home inspector in Canada vary by province but are stringent no matter the locale. The Professional Home Inspection Institute, which is accredited by the NHICC (National Home Inspector Certification Council) can be used by a student to get 184.5 hours of the 450 required for the NHI (National Home Inspector) designation. This can be used for pre-certification training in British Columbia and Alberta. 

The Professional Home Inspection Institute's (PHII) Canada Home Inspector School certification course meets the education requirements for home inspection in Canada, and this course satisfies the prerequisites to become a home inspector in many provinces in Canada. British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario have slightly different provisions and qualifications; for information about each province please give us a call at (800) 983-6322. 

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By choosing to become a home inspector with PHII's Canadian home inspection training course, you will receive a nationally recognized home inspector certification. The Professional Home Inspection Institute's course is the best way to get the credentials required to become a successful home inspector in Canada. When taking regional and national exams our students have benefited greatly from our professional course material, and PHII graduates also receive FREE continuing education credits upon enrollment.

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In addition, all PHII students receive a 1-year membership to NSHI, the National Society of Home Inspectors, upon graduation.

We offer an interactive course package that you can take to learn the procedures for performing a professional home inspection, writing a home inspection report, and operating a successful home inspection business.  Thousands of home inspectors have been certified through our program.  Professional Home Inspection Institute is one of the most respected names in home inspector certification training both in Canada and the United States.  

Home Inspector Certification Course Package:

BONUS:  If you sign up for the Home Inspector Certification Course package, you will receive a free 1-year membership into NSHI (National Society of Home Inspectors) and a free 1-year website through InspectHost.com, a website service for home inspectors to host and manage their websites.

For periodic updates on current licensing laws, please check back often or call toll free six days a week, twelve hours a day: (800) 983-6322.