Thermal Inspection & Insulation Remediation

Thermal Inspection & Insulation Remediation Course

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Thermal Inspection is a relatively new area to the home inspection industry.  Home inspectors are now using infrared cameras (thermal imaging cameras) to be able to view defects that would have normally been invisible to the naked eye.  Thermal imaging has been traditionally used in energy audits, blower door testing, and related fields but more and more home inspectors are beginning to make a thermal inspection addon part of their normal home inspection routine. 

As energy efficiency continues to become a larger concern for more homeowners, the use and demand for thermal imaging cameras will grow too.  

This course not only teaches you how to use an infrared camera to perform a thermal inspection, but it also teaches you important information regarding insulation techniques that have been used throughout the last 100 years.  After taking this course, you will be able to do a professional thermal inspection and advise your clients on insulation remediation to correct defects in their home's thermal envelope.

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Thermal Inspection & Insulation Remediation $495.00